When love is known English Ver

Love makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes it sadder. Something that is not a big deal to someone else can be seen as a disgrace to the person you love. I understand the importance of being in love, but I don’t like it very much. I don’t like it, but I can’t help opening my heart to someone unexpectedly. It’s human fate.

Love is the kind of love that turns childish in the smallest of ways. When you wait for your partner to come home, when you talk to (him/her) at certain times of the day, the emptiness you feel when you lose him/her is terrible. You don’t feel lonely because of a discrepancy in values, which is normally nothing. Human beings are of relative value, so things that are not important to others become more important when it comes to love. It takes me a long time to heal from that. As I grew older, my immunity and resistance to disease gradually weakened, and I began to suffer from fevers and illnesses. At that time, I guess I opened my heart without realizing it.

In love, we know each other’s hideousness. It is unavoidable. Where you can forgive and improve is not something that can be calculated. If we can love the other person’s soul as agape, even if we have to say a terrible goodbye in the end, then God will forgive us a little.

A love that has matured over a long period of time will have less of the passion of a novel or drama. There is a high tendency to see the lack of sex between couples as a problem, but I think this is a mistake. If you don’t need to know your partner to have sex, and if you can forgive everything about your partner, you won’t feel ashamed to take off your clothes. It is because you don’t know the person that you can take off your clothes, isn’t it? You need skin to fill the emptiness. If you don’t want pleasure, it’s a sign that the emptiness is gone. It’s not the end of the world.

It is true that some marriages are cold. But if you can’t leave your partner, if you are angry with (him/her) but not with you, if you love him/her that much, you have to respect that.

There is a tendency to say that love is better than romance, and I think that love is not inferior to romance.

Even if love sparks for a moment and then cools down, a crystal remains.

Whether you can find it or throw it away will change your life.

One day we will grow old.

And one day death will come.

We may have many unfulfilled loves

Or live with the love you have matured

You can live as you like.

The soul may sing, the spirit may be sick

The soul always tries to be strong.

If only we knew that.

The light will find you.

If you’re Catholic, you’re going to get a lot of flak.

Isn’t that right?


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