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Hugo Grotius: War is a state of affairs between struggling groups.

Thomas Hobbes,       :A state of emergency, meaning that it remains in existence even while the operation is not ongoing.

 When I was a child, as far as I could tell from the stories of the World War II, I thought people were stupid. But nowadays I think that the essence has not changed at all. No one is passionately angry about the First World War. Maybe it’s because the memory has faded.

But the Second World War is still remembered. As long as there are still emotional people in the world, it is impossible to understand history calmly.

Thus, violence and struggle will be repeated, but when we die, will it be a moving story like the “Merry Christmas on the battlefield” of the World War I.

Perhaps the people of the 22nd century will say that we are just stupid.

And so it will be with this virus story. After all, we are always in conflict.

In the past, the government and the newspapers manipulated information. This time, amateur influencers use the internet to write lies for the sake of numbers. They have no initiative, and they write falsehoods to sway public opinion while worrying about the numbers. It’s ridiculous. The twitter people who raise the slogan “don’t be swayed by the media” are incompetent and only express their opinions from free newspaper articles in the media. The Japanese media uses this rubbish as a basis for public opinion and programming. It’s ridiculous.

Wise people know that once a stupid struggle is ignited, it cannot be stopped.

We should look at the situation from a bird’s eye view and think about reconciliation.

My grandmother used to say. That war begins slowly. First, women will not be able to dress up, and fools will attack people in the struggle. Before you know it, the military police will be formed and they will control us.

What will be different now? Every day the celebrities of deceit speak as they please, worrying about their own reward.

That’ s how it is every day.

This video is about the German and British armies in the First World War, which only had a Christmas truce.

Will demonstrating against the war end the war?
If we demonstrate, will it end the struggle?
What starts when people who do not know reconciliation take up arms?
These things are missing.






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