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La pesanteur et la grâce 1

Today it is Simone Weil.

Ce n’est pas la faute qui constitue le péché mortel, mais le degré de lumière qui est dans l’âme quand la faute, quelle qu’elle soit, est accomplie. La pureté est le pouvoir de contempler la souillure.L’extrême pureté peut contempler et le pur et l’impur ; l’impureté ne peut ni l’un ni l’autre : le premier lui fait peur, le second l’absorbe. Il lui faut un mélange. —L’attention et la volonté 

In terms of gravity and grace (La pesanteur et la grâce), this is what is described in “L’attention et la volonté” (Attention and will).

Simone Weil was a 20th century philosopher, so the French language itself is not ancient. Simone Weil’s original text (in French).

The characteristic feature is a literary melody, and this quotation does not rhyme, but some words and ideas are repeated, so there is a sense of rhythm,The choice of words and phrases are thought-provoking and complex in a short text.

 Translation: It is not the fault that constitutes mortal sin, but the degree of light that is in the soul when the fault, whatever it may be, is committed. Purity is the power to contemplate impurity.Extreme purity can contemplate both the pure and the impure; impurity can neither. The former scares it, the latter absorbs it. It requires a mixture.

・The term “mortal sin” or “sin unto death”, although not a direct reference, is found in the New Translation of the Bible, 1 Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death. But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. ”, etc., may also derive from Christian doctrine. Le péché mortel (‘the sin that leads to death’)

is translated as ‘mortal sin’.

Contempler (plural: contemple)’ is used, usually in the context of ‘to look at, introspection’, which is deeper than observation(look). The usual meaning is ‘regarder la souillure’, which means ‘to look at the dirt’.

Summary: This text is a short summary of the exploration of sin and purity. It states that sinning is not in itself a fatal sin, but the degree of light in the soul is what matters.

It states. It is because we are very pure beings that we have the power to see what is pure and what is impure. An impure thing is something that has been mixed with the impure thing.

So in terms of mixing, it is necessary to look not only at the pure but also at the impure.


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