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Nagi Tukika

The doctor said to me, “Gradually it will become possible to see. The light moved without being able to decide where to stay, and tried to create space, but the shapes were dreaming too much in my heart, and I was afraid of waking up. Outside is a nightmare, or is it possible to wake up?

 The emotional conflict inside of the shadows and the light seemed to overwhelm me.


I am left with the memory that I was blind. When I say, ” touching the world,” it’ s not a metaphor. It is a recurring memory of the day I was blind and could see for the first time. And yet, the emotion of “that day” when I could see has faded, and this memory is like a stranger.

I wonder if I’ve come back to life or am I a stranger.

On a summer’s day the painter contemplated death, and on a winter’s day the writer found the body of a musician. Fleeing footprints were burst shot by the photographer.

By the way, where you were “that day”?

From the Author.

As for my own experience, there was a six-year period when I couldn’t write since my last publication (2016). Then I structured the novel in seven chapters based on the seven days of Creation in Genesis.

Publication schedule: Winter 2022 – Spring 2023

Language: Japanese and English

English version may be requested from a translator.

I adapted this photograph to show the protagonist, who experienced a past of blindness, repeating his/her memories. “The emotional conflict inside of the shadows and the light seemed to overwhelm me“

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一人、わしの親友に、何かかねて志す……国々に伝わった面白い、また かかわった、不思議な物語を集めてみたい……君もここへ来たばかりで、ものかたりの中の人になったろう……僕はもう一層、その上を、物語、そのものになったんだ。I became the story itself.(夜叉が池:泉鏡花)

















The name Kyogetu(me) was given to me after Kyoka Izumi. Kyoka was also based on (鏡花水月) The moon reflected in the water. With my baptismal name Chris nearby, I have a vision of Jesus within myself.

“To be a mirror of the world, but fictitious like a mirror“

When I heard that, my soul was filled with joy. I was a liar when I said it was platonic. I loved so many people I couldn’t go back there. So much time has passed that I can’t even think back.

Yashagaike’s main protagonist was “aware” that he had been part of the story. Ironic or not,

Pathetically, it came back to me as a silent, silent vision of the past.

It is no longer a lightning-quick love or a nurturing love.

That is the human compassion. A flash of inspiration, a feeling that quickly disappears again, that is remembrance. That love is not present in everyday life.

It is indescribable.

An illusion, I cherish an illusion.

The name Chris became aware of Christ. After my christening, the name Chris changed its meaning in my mind over and over again. Sometimes I wanted goodness, sometimes justice, sometimes love, sometimes righteousness.

It is an illusion, A human creation, a fiction which cannot be realized. At least that’s the belief of fantasy literature and poetry.

I believe in God all the time. There are no people who watch you more than God.

The day of the phantom.




This is my lovely pupil, “Nagi Tukika”.

I am giving the name “月” from my name “鏡月” ,Word of “花” from my name “鏡花水月” to my pupils.

My existence will be an illusion. Thank you for your continued support. でブログを始める.

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