Paul Gustave Doré

Jesus leaving the court, I just love this picture by Doré. White clothes, untainted by the public gaze, Barabbas, the felon, is released and Jesus’ sentence is set.
Determined to die, he gazes at the phenomenon before him faster than he can think or ponder.

Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!”

“Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Mark 11:10

 As a child, I wanted to wipe the dirt from Jesus’ face as he walked down the hill of Golgotha. That may have been my first contact with Jesus in my mind’s eye. I was incapable of understanding the human heart. I was afraid I wouldn’t understand the human heart, and maybe I still don’t. But when people love me, I answer them, and when I love them, I can’t stop myself. Feelings of emotional brokenness were very real. I could only love others ( love of one’s neighbors.), people misunderstood my defects as kindness.

So I was building reason.I went to England for psychology, I do not understand people’s minds, I do not see people subjectively. Because I have no preconceptions, through analysis I can see what others want. I thought I could use this advantage to analyse calmly.

Love, indeed this word had cultivated my life. I don’t know if people love me or not because I don’t know anything about them. Without feeling that I wanted to be loved by others, I focused on loving. If the object to be loved does not exist, the love is lost.
Love with a destination, that’s what I wanted. I have it now. From friendship, to abandonment, to love, to devotion, to family love, I was rational while I was in love, but when the instinct of desire entered the picture, I went mad. This has been my weakness and will continue to be so.

People are always in a labyrinth of love. The annual resurrection of Jesus is a pause in the labyrinth.
Even if we celebrate Easter this year, we will have to suffer again in our lifetime.
Let’s celebrate it again this year.

Why are the words of Jesus so haunting to me?
The soul is seeking, rising, there is Jesus.For a moment, in my dreams, I run to wipe the dirt from his face. Always I am a child.

Then I fall asleep again and summer comes.
And one day the real death will come.

Until then, enjoy life, spring, summer, autumn, winter.


マルコによる福音書 11章10節











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