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"To Analyse It means to critique the social conditions which are responsible for the absence of love. Belief in the possibility of love, not only as an exceptional and individual phenomenon, but also as a social one, is a reasonable belief based on an insight into human nature itself.

Erich Fromm, "the art of loving

Love is both a certainty and a blind spot, an illusion. But for religions, and especially for Christians, love is something close to existence, an ideal. The distinction between true love and false love is also central to this religion. Absence of love is used to describe a state of being in which love does exist. There is a fluidity to the word “absence”, and its meaning changes depending on whether the warmth of its presence remains or whether it has disappeared without a trace.

Love’s existence is denied by the word ‘none’. But false love does not mean nothing. Love is love. It is an ideal or it is not, that is all.

Most people are confused about the meaning.

I said last time that justice and love can be in conflict, but if I had to choose between justice and love, I would probably take love. That doesn’t mean forgiving everything, but it also means being silent. These days I don’t feel that there is anything that can be redeemed by justice. Justice is weeded out by the absence of love. For example, when you are the victim of a death, and society does not understand you. Let’s say there is one person who has wronged you. Christians give love to such a person, but for the evil that leads the people, Jesus implies the extreme punishment. (Luke 17:2)From this point of view, the Christian interpretation is that forgiveness of anything is not a good thing.

In the second season of the Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why”, the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against the school after the girl committed suicide due to bullying. In the end, the school was not held responsible and the case was lost. In the end the school was not held responsible and the case was lost. This is because the mind is both fixed and counter-fixed at the same time. It would have been negligent of the mother not to notice that her daughter was planning to commit suicide. I know it sounds harsh, but this drama is about a boy who had a crush on a girl who committed suicide.

He rebukes her ghost for committing suicide.

This drama also focuses on the “victim’s lie”.

Nowadays, in Japan, there is a lot of victim business. Using the fact that they are victims as a shield, they pose as minorities and become mass media. Markus Gabriel also denied the addictive nature of social networking and the suicides at the mercy of it, but Japanese people don’t read and understand even that simple article. It’s because they don’t understand the nature of the problem. They can’t question the nature of the companies that they agree to terms and conditions with and that don’t enforce them. They don’t understand what it means to be dependent on that world.

The only thing they care about is their existence.

The world these users are trying to protect is a world that doesn’t exist with one search.

If you agree to the terms of use, the fault of the slanderer or tormentor is not 10:0. That is the world of the internet. It is important to change the law to make the ratio 7:3. The illusion that you are 0 and they are 10 does not exist.

The more victims the aim is to ” Never Again “, the wider the scope of the attack. This is because it leads to an unconscious attack on the “same victim”. They assume a perpetrator who doesn’t exist yet, and continue to attack the perpetrator who doesn’t exist by analysing the person who slanders them with popular psychology.

I won’t give you any examples, but you may be able to think of a person who does this.

There is no one person in this category.

But why prepare a quotation from Erich Fromm? It begins with the absence of love, the loss of family and dignity even for the victims.Anything that has its roots only in the criticism of the various conditions of society can only return to the absence of love. Those who do not know what justice is, who do not know the violence of words, deny the violence of words, but begin to do it to others themselves. They welcome only the “friends” they have chosen, and make enemies of all those they do not understand. Isn’t that the misplace one’s priorities ?

As Markus Gabriel says, they create new victims by unilaterally shielding them from long and time-consuming problems in places unsuitable for discussion.

They don’t care that their victim business is hurting the same victims. So they do not know that they are attracting criticism from victims who agree with me. I don’t sign up for forums or social networking sites that allow injustice to go unchecked. Because in the end it is the dependence on the mass media that was at the root of the problem.

And those who saw this “13 Reasons Why”, who only felt a sense of justice, go to write to the families of the victims.  Those who chose love will stop at only guiding their own lives and will not do such a cruel thing.

So the question of what to do about victims is deeply rooted. The only thing I can say is: don’t lie.

Just don’t lie and say you can save what you can’t save.

It is selfishness to think that our actions can save many.

The “other victims” who are deceived by this lie will encounter secondary damage.


For example, if I had a child and was killed.

If I were a rational person, I would focus on the absence of love. I might think about the loss of my child, who was God’s love, and whether violence is necessary to pursue that absence.

Then I would not depend on the mass media. But if I lose my love,

I might kill the murderer.

But I am a Christian.

I don’t know how God will judge me at the last moment.

This is a cruel thing to imagine. I hope I will not have that fate.

In closing, I would like to thank all those who supported me when I was a victim.

Markus Gabriel



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